Two Challenges
St. Luke's Family Practice responds to two troubling challenges;
  1. The deterioration of enduring personal doctor-patient relationships
  2. Forty million uninsured Americans.

Many patients today feel like their doctor is too busy for them. "Service" is a tired cliché. Choices are sharply limited by insurance. Rather than focusing on your medical concerns, doctors today spend too much time on authorizations and payment.

Worse yet, millions of Americans have no health insurance. Government programs like MediCal care for the poorest, but every day patients fall through the cracks. Most are "working poor" families. Each year, one in four Californians under age 65 is without health insurance for some period.

One Solution
St. Luke's Family Practice is a non-profit organization that bridges the gap. We provide primary health care to two very important groups -- Benefactors and Recipients.



Benefactors are individuals and families blessed with the ability to support the work of St. Luke's Family Practice. They also receive their primary care from one of the physicians at St. Luke's Family Practice.

Recipients are those less fortunate who cannot currently obtain health insurance and do not qualify for government programs. They can also obtain primary medical care without charge from St. Luke's Family Practice.

Two Practices In One
Our innovative approach to health care allows us to provide care to Benefactors and Recipients while eliminating insurance billing and collection. This allows our doctors to make care decisions based on what the doctor feels is best for the patient.