About Our Name

St. Luke, "the beloved physician" (Col. 4:14) is the patron saint of physicians. Our unique practice model allows our doctors to live out their Christian vocation through state-of-the-art medical practice and enduring doctor-patient relationships, while also providing care to those in need.

About Our Specialty

Family Medicine is the art of "caring for common problems uncommonly well". The physicians at St. Luke's Family Practice are Board Certified and members of the American Academy of Family Physicians. St. Luke's Family Practice provides quality comprehensive primary care to men, women and children of all faiths.

Pro-Life Health Care

Consistent with the long history of Catholic healthcare, we affirm the positive pro-life message of the Church. We care for the needy, support marital chastity, encourage the use of Natural Family Planning and provide compassionate hospice care at the end of natural life. We do not provide or refer for contraception, abortion, sterilization or euthanasia.